Powerplay: Audiojack feat. Kevin Knapp – Vibrate (Hot Creations) // 27.01.2016

The Audiojack duo team up with cohort Kevin Knapp to release their heavy club weapon ‘Vibrate’ on Hot Creations.

Kevin Knapp explains “the vocal for this tune just kinda came outta me somewhere near the bottom of a bottle of Chardonnay, just like many of the other jams we [Audiojack & I] made together. I generally dig all things visceral when it comes to beats so appropriately this tune/lyric falls right in line with that approach.”

Audiojack go further to say “‘Vibrate’ was made purely with the dancefloor in mind. Often in the depths of the night wordy vocals can be a distraction. To be together with the music on the dancefloor in that moment is a feeling, rather than a thought. To encapsulate that feeling was the remit we set ourselves with ‘Vibrate.”