Dance Box feat. Michael Spun guest mix // 27.01.2016

Start TX
Radio Slave – I Need Music (Gemini EP) (Karlovak)
Frits Wentink – Yeah But Maybe Never (Heist)
Glen Coombs & Konflicted Soul – Stimulation (Madtech)
Taran & Lomov – Medium (Raw Meat EP) (Amber Muse)
Soledrifter – The Only Heaven (Original Mix) (Simma Red)
Alexis Raphael – Spinach & Lamb (Of Unsound Mind)
Fennec & Wolf – Cassini (Kevin Over Remix) (Incroyable Music)
Replika – Even Further (Pezzner Remix) (Chillin Music, 2009)
Harry Wolfman & Loz Goddard – Uncle Buck (Brame & Hamo Remix) (Square Lane EP) (Dirt Crew)
Frits Wentink – Rising Sun Falling Coconut (Heist)
Metropolitan Soul Museum – A&E (Tuff City Kids Remix) (Toy Tonics)
Audiohell – Together (Digital Traffik Rec)
Phillipe Petit – Suspended (Len Faki Remix) (Figure)
Formally Unknown – Gone (White)
* Powerplay
Audiojack feat. Kevin Knapp – Vibrate (Hot Creations)
* Three for the Weekend: SairaM (LV)
FLeCK – What A Ting (feat Parly B)
Jahnglist Bwoy Riffz – Bad Luck
Digital, Drumsound & Bassline Smith – Bail Out
* Guest mix: Michael Spun (London)
2Vilas – 1980
My Mother Say – Don’t Be Afraid
C-Rock Franksen – Jack Warped (Zoka’s Double Down remix)
Detroit Swindle – Figure Of Speech
Die Roh Okee Ru – L’Ordinateur
Rick Wade – Strong Arm (Deep88 remix)
Troy Brown Rohan Koomar – Jazzfanatics
Maya Jane Coles – Watcher (Vakula dub)
Ferher – Tung
Nick Holder – X (1963)
Miss Jools – Feel You
End TX