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We offer to take DJ lessons in Amber Muse DJ School in Riga to master the skills of beatmixing under the guidance of the professional in his field – Bogdan Taran. Depending on the skill level, you can learn to mix music or hone your skills.

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Beatmixing (vinyl / CDJ) course details

The theory and practice of beatmixing records (beat-to-beat) on turntables or CDJ media players.

During the course you will learn about:
– the principle of the DJ’s work;
– the structure of electronic dance records;
– technical capabilities and operating principles of turntables/CDJs and mixer;
– how to start mixing tracks and do it right;
– how to create a music library and about music sources;
– copyright and neighbour rights;
– what a DJ needs to perform legally.

During the practical part, the curator helps you learn how to mix recordings and get rid of technical wrongs in the mixing process.

Curator: Bogdan Taran

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Bogdan Taran is one of the dance radio and club veterans in Latvia, he’s been producing radio shows since 1992, was the opening act of Sensation White show in Latvia and one of the very few Baltic DJs who performed at Love Parade in Berlin in 2006. He has been voted No.1 DJ in the country 4 years in a row (2004, 2005, 2007 and 2008).

Bogdan has also received a special award by National TV & Radio Council of Latvia for “Dance music development” in 2009. His highly acclaimed radio show Dance Box has been running since 1998 and was broadcasted on FM in Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, and Moldova until summer of 2016.

Today with Max Lomov he runs Amber Muse Records, radio production, party organizing and record label company, and devotedly brings electronic music to people via online mag and international radio show (broadcast in Latvia  and Estonia on FM and online worldwide). They produce music as Taran & Lomov and Queer On Acid.

Resident DJ of clubs Metro, Depo, Dizzi, Nautilus, Teritorija and of large scale events in club Essential.

Details of classes

Intensive course (5 weeks), €400:
– 10 personal sessions x 1 hour;
– twice a week;
– course duration: 5 weeks.

Standard course (8 weeks), €400:
– 6 personal sessions x 1 hour;
– 2 personal sessions x 2 hours;
– once a week;
– course duration: 8 weeks.

Group course* (3 months), €95/month, total €285:
– 12 sessions x 1,5 hour in a group of 4 persons;
– 1 personal session x 1 hour;
– once a week;
– course duration: 12 weeks.
* when 4 people are interested

Language: Russian, Latvian or English.

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To book a course of your choice and get more info, fill in the form below
or give us a call to +371 20070033.