Bogdan Taran

Bogdan Taran’s Biography

Bogdan Taran is one of the very few Baltic DJs who performed at Love Parade in Berlin in 2006 (Baltic Groove Union float). He was the opening act of Sensation White show in Latvia and played a warm-up set for Paul Van Dyk in Riga in 2008. He’s one of the leading names in Latvia’s club scene and has been voted Nr1 DJ in the country 4 years in a row (2004, 2005, 2007, 2008). Bogdan has also received a special award by National TV & Radio Council of Latvia for “Dance music development” in 2009.

Since early 90ies Bogdan has been a respected figure in Latvia’s music journalism – be it a TV show, press articles or radio programmes. His highly acclaimed radio show “Dance Box” has been running since 1998 and is now broadcasted in Latvia, Estonia and Moldova.

Bogdan’s record label and events agency Amber Muse Records (founded in 2004) has produced around 20 releases including such artists as Phonetica, Taran & Lomov, Oriola 701, Carft B, Magik Johnson, Christian Hornbostel, Alex Santos, Laid, RyRalio DJs, Derek Conyer, Nica Brooke etc.

Besides being one of the most demanded Djs in the Baltics, Bogdan has performed numerous international gigs in such countries as France, Germany, Ireland, Russia, Finland, Belorus, Moldova and the list goes on… His festival appearances include SunDance Music Festival in Estonia, MN2S Stage at Essential Knockout Festival, Baltic Beach Party and Moonlight Party in Latvia, Fashion TV Baltic Carnival and many more.

Bogdan has booked to Latvia and/or played alongside such Djs as Pete Tong, Danny Rampling, KiNK, Robert Babicz, Till Von Sein, Roberto Rodriguez, Chopstick, Jimpster, Todd Terry, Seamus Haji, Bob Sinclar,Timo Maas, DJ Chus, Jay J, Sandy Rivera, Grant Nelson, George Morel, Joey Negro, Dennis Ferrer, to name only a few.

Currently Bogdan along with Max Lomov runs info portal As well as actively produce music as Taran & Lomov and Phonetica.




Taran & Lomov “Raw Meat EP” (Amber Muse, 2016)
Taran & Lomov “Mint Air EP” (Stirpped Off, 2015)
Taran & Lomov “Supapowa EP” (Amber Muse, 2014)
Taran & Lomov “Thunder Brothers EP” (Monique Musique, 2014)
Phonetica feat. Rithma “Watcher” (Room With A View, 2013)
Phonetica vs HMP “Carousel” (Naba Music, 2013)
Phonetica “Kinetic / Daft 16 EP” (Amber Muse Records, 2013)
Taran & Lomov feat. Ruby De Lux “Sex Und Liebe” (Manchester Underground Music, 2013)
Taran & Lomov “Barbarella EP” (Manchester Underground Music, 2013) Phonetica vs Soulemotion “Impossible Love” (Space Walker, 2013) Taran & Lomov “Basta!” (Stripped Music, 2012)
Taran & Lomov “Passenger” (Tohuwabohu Music, 2011)
Phonetica feat Hektor Thillet “Feel” (Bid Muzik, 2010)
Phonetica “In Motion” (Amber Muse Records, 2009)
RyRalio DJs feat Bogdan Taran “Sound Science” (RyRalio Cafe mix-CD, RyRalio Records, 2006) N.B.: this is actually just inspired by Bogdan Taran and he didn’t participate production
Tune-L & Bogdan Taran “Tell Me” (Latvian Dance Allstarz E.P., Microphone Records, 2000)

Jay Nortown & RDDR “Shoehorn” (Taran & Lomov Dirty Remix) (Datenbits, 2015)
Mika Olson “Mine” (Taran & Lomov Deep Remix) (Loco Records, 2015)
Rulers of the Deep “I Can’t Move” (Taran & Lomov Remix) (Tohuwabohu, 2015)
GusGus “Airwaves” (Taran & Lomov Deep Remix) (2014)
Oriola 701 “Computer Hope” (Phonetica Remix) (Amber Muse, 2014)
Phonetica “Kinetic” (Taran & Lomov Remix) (Amber Muse, 2013)
Happyendless “Golden Olympic” (Taran & Lomov Light Remix) (2011)
Craft B. feat Veronique “Climbing” (Max Lomov & Bogdan Taran Remixes, 2010)
Phonetica “In Motion” (Taran & Lomov Dirty Vocal Mix) (Amber Muse Records, 2009)
Soliaris “I’ll Take You To The Dancefloor” (Taran & Lomov Remix) (2009)
Bandmaster’s Flight “Samuel Alone” (Taran & Lomov Remix) (Amber Muse Records, 2009)
Testpattern “Way Beyond” (Taran & Lomov Remix) (Amber Digital promo, 2008)
Electricano “Runner” (Taran & Lomov Moanlight Ride) (Electricano Recordings, 2008)
Cristian Paduraru “Emotion Comes From Motion” (Taran & Lomov Remix) (Christian Records, 2007)
Craft B feat Derek Conyer “Sundancin'” (Taran & Lomov vs Craft B Vocal Mix) (Amber Muse Records, 2006)

Mixed compilations:
“Sobieski Ogas Glam Gallery” mixed by Bogdan Taran & Andrius Rio (Saules Projektai, 2006)