EVENT: Amber Muse’s [spek-truhm]: Yaleesa Hall (NL) / 16 Mar

EVENT: Amber Muse’s [spek-truhm]: Yaleesa Hall (NL) / 16 Mar

The next Amber Muse’s [spek-truhm] night is all about that kind of techno you can’t not to dance to. We are happy to bring in one of the Amsterdam’s finest – Yaleesa Hall of Will & Ink label. He regularly works with Malin (Genie) and releases on Hypercolour as well.

Line-up (tech/techno):
● YALEESA HALL | Will & Ink, Hypercolour (Amsterdam)
● TARAN & LOMOV | Amber Muse

€5 before 01:00 if you press ‘Going’ and share Facebook event until 22:00 of March 16;
With student ID: €3 <01:00> €5.

Download the new version of free Amber Muse mobile app
Android: https://goo.gl/KhwPdD
iOS: http://goo.gl/I0K6e7


Sound system provided by: POWER Production

Supported by: Polar Monkeys. Tribaltic.lv, TestPress.news, Pm-Tm.

GDPR notice: Pics and videos captured during party will be used in online and social media.