Dance Box feat. Downtown Party Network & Trashy Kid guest mixes // 12.03.2015

Start TX
Kimichi – Courage (Time Ruins Everything EP) (Kimichi)
Chad Mitchell – I Surrender (Andrew Emils San Frandisco Dub) (Roam Recordings)
Pios & Mysz – Mokka (Amber Muse)
Die Grote – Cool (Original Mix) (Criminal Hype)
Artifact – Who Knew Her (Madtech)
Crackazat – Candle Coast (Crescendo LP) (Local Talk)
Worthy – Damn Fine (Jason Burns Remix) (Anabatic)
* DJ On The Phone: Downtown Party Network (Futureboogie, Dirt Crew / LT)
Downtown Party Network feat. Egle Sirvydyte – Space Me Out (Ewan Pearson Remix)
* Guest Mix: Trashy Kid (LV)
Four Tet – March 2013
Lokiboi – Untitled  Tool 01
Kink – Work (Live Edit)
Redshape – Zteel
General Ludd – Woo Ha
Oliver $ – Do Ya Thang
Last Magpie – (Who Knows) Where Love Goes
Kill Frenzy – XXX feat. Aristid
* Powerplay
Musk – Harpulla EP (LGDZ)
* Guest Mix: Downtown Party Network (Futureboogie, Dirt Crew / LT)
Theo Parrish – Night of the Sigitarius (Sound Signature)
Peter Corvaia – In The Air (petFood)
Usmev – This Vibe (Cymasonic)
JT Donaldson – Depression (Nujax Music)
Dauwd – Jupiter George (Kompakt)
Kosmas – Layke (Inside Out Records)
No Regular Play – El Dorado (Jacques Renault remix) (Wolf + Lamb Records)
Mennie – Murmur (Exploited Ghetto)
End TX