EVENT: Ponty Mython (Dirt Crew Rec.) at LOFT project / 18 FEB

For the next instalment of our LOFT project event we chose a new cosy space with nice ambience – “Loftique” in the centre of Riga.

• PONTY MYTHON (Dirt Crew Rec., Delusions Of Grandeur)
• TARAN & LOMOV (Amber Muse / LV)

The headliner is a truly international producer, who hails from Saint-Petersburg, lives in Vilnius and releases around the world from Sweden and Russia to Columbia and Germany – Ponty Mython!

On door: 5 € until 01:00, after 01:00 – 7 €.
With ISIC/RSU cards 5 € all night.

* Limited capacity: 100 people only!

Location: Loftique (E.Birznieka-Upīša 8)

Supported by:
XL Energy Drink, Mapuche Vecriga,,