EVENT: Disco Darko with TAKNADO live @ Laska V21, Feb 23

Disco Darko

Disco Darko is back!! The lovely Laska V21 will become a home for Indie Dance, Synthwave, Electro, EBM and everything known as a dark disco on Feb 23rd. Our resident DJs can’t wait to share the latest gems from their collections with you, and we’re thrilled to have a live performance from the hottest Latvian band of the genre – TAKNADO!

● TAKNADO (Live)
● EAST CHO (Nein Records)

TICKETS PRESALE: €5 (+b/f) .
ON DOOR: €10.

DATE: 23 Feb
VENUE: Laska V21 (Vagonu 21)
START: 23:00


About the headliners

TAKNADO is a Latvian band whose music is characterized by a unique synthesis of Synthwave, Synthpop, and New Wave styles, borrowed from the golden era of the 80s. Their sound transports listeners into the depths of electronic music of that time, while the vibe of the group embodies the atmosphere of retro-futurism and nostalgia. TAKNADO brings its own interpretation of the synthesizer era and electronic sounds, creating an attractive sound that appeals to both connoisseurs of classic electronics and new fans of retro-futuristic aesthetics.

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