Dance Box with Copy Paste Soul guest mix & interview // 20.04.2016

Start TX
Jolly Mare – Hun (Bastard Jazz)
The Revenge – Conkers (Original Mix) (Roar Groove meets Dirt Crew Recordings)
Flashmob Featuring Anna Wall – Days To Nights (Mennie Remix) (Out of Mind)
Italobros – Proper (SUAH002)
Trackers – Memory Game (Hexagon EP) (Vessel Records)
Orlando Voorn & Paty Pat – Swing It (Muzik is Life EP) (Roundabout Sounds)
Mulla – Grandma’s Groove (Six Chapters EP) (HOOTS101)
Mulla – Everybody Wants (Six Chapters EP) (HOOTS101)
Solardo – Acid Jump EP (Leftwing & Cody Remix) (Lost Records)
Shmix – Rollinnn (Taran & Lomov Remix) (Amber Muse)
Posthuman – Try Again (Balkan)
Loco Dice feat. Giggs – Get Comfy (Underground Sound Suicide ROD Remix Two) (DESOLAT)
Ian O’Donovan – The Step (Exploited Ghetto)
Coeus – Eclipse (Original Mix) (Country Club Disco)
Spiritchaser – Rain Down (K-Bana Remix) (Guess Records)
* Dirty Deal Audio showcase
Drip Koord – Xyz
Mr.Myster – Kolektiv Sub-konchez – 03 Love&Peas
Oriole & Kashuks – ORKA – 04 If you knew
* Powerplay
Walker & Royce – Wakey Wakey (W&O Street Tracks)
* DJ on the Phone: Copy Paste Soul (UK)
Copy Paste Soul – Hustle (2 Swords)
* Guest mix: Copy Paste Soul (2 Swords, UK)
Copy Paste Soul – Steppa
Emanuel Satie – Sound The Alarm
Black Loops – Cassette 5.1
Copy Paste Soul – K2
Audiojack – Manipulate (Marc Romboy’s Devilfish Attack)
Tigerstripes – Body Shake
Mike Dehnert – Losange
Copy Paste Soul – After All
End TX