Dance Box ft. Stee Downes guest mix // 15.01.2015

Start TX
A Sagittariun – Aruba (Overhead Mix) (The Anomaly EP) (Elastic Dreams)
Tones – Thinking About You (Food Music)
Rich Wakley – Rough Cut (Original Mix) (Mile End)
Ozzi – Resistance (Criminal Hype)
AfK – Bang Funk (Clay & The Naughty Nation mix)
Ross From Friends – Golf School (Breaker Breaker)
Matt Tolfrey – Dance Like There’s No One Watching EP (Of Unsound Mind)
Eleazar – Placa Placa (Original Mix) (Lemon Water)
Dave Angel – Revelation EP (Crosstown Rebels)
Yotam Avni – UR Sleeping (Original Mix) (Be As One)
Seff – Like That (Hot Creations)
Boris – Be (Original Mix) (Suara)
Colours in Waves – Conservation of Momentum (LBL)
* Powerplay
Walker & Royce feat. Steven Klavier – Follow (Club Sweat)
* DJ on the Phone: Stee Downes (Sonar Kollektiv)
Kruse & Nuernberg feat. Stee Downes – Love Can’t Break You Down (Shur-I-Kan 90’s Dub) (Lazy Dayz)
* Guest Mix: Stee Downes (Sonar Kollektiv, Ireland)
ComixXx – Can u feel it (Vinyl mashup version)
Konstantin Sibold – I’m in need
Romanthony – Testify (Waifs & Strays mix)
Benoit & Sergio – That’s the party talking
Floating Points – Nuits Sonores
Caribou – Your love will set you free (Carl Craig mix)
Round – Glass
End TX