Dance Box feat. Chris Inperspective & Samaan guest mixes // 07.05.2015

Start TX
David Penn – The Chord (Original Mix) (Urbana)
Raumakustik – Raider (Hot Trax)
Waze & Odyssey – Everything You’re Made Of (Original Mix)
Diego Krause – Track 1 (Unison Wax 03)
Jesse Perez – Learn How to DJ (I’m A House Gangster)
Oggie B – Queme Lodas (Groove Affair EP) (Fetch Records)
Fouk – Kill Frenzy EP (Heist)
Huxley – I Want You (Deetron Remix) (Aus Music)
* Guest Mix: Chris Inperspective Dubplate mix (Inperspective Records, UK)
Kate’s got a Boner
Bum Bum
Hard Lip Kiss (Cylon)
Heather’s Hot Waffles (Exit)
Wall Town
Röyksopp – In Space (Chris Inperspective Intro Edit)
Just Being
The March
Distinct (Cylon)
Mylindz (Next Phase)
Hardo Bread
* Powerplay
Joao Ceser – 5th Dimension (Tiptop Audio)
* Guest Mix: Samaan (One Electronica, Belfast)
D’Marc Cantu & JM De Frais – The Last Night (Sequencias US)
Mutant Beat Dance – Let Me go (Nation)
Delta Funktionen  – Low Jam (Creme Organization)
Simoncino – Beyond The Dance (LIES)
D’Marc Cantu – Lagrange Point (One Electronica)
John Heckle – Ancient Deep (Signals)
Photon Inc – Power (Wild Pitch mix) (Strictly Rhythm)
Willie Burns – Waste Your Time (Creme Organization)
Petra & Co – Let Go (Dub)
Innershades – Mission 11 (Creme Organization)
Mark Forshaw – Where Did You Go (Rivers III)
Robert Armani – Ambulance (Dance Mania)
End TX