Dance Box feat. Phonetica guest mix // 22.01.2015

Start TX
Lovebirds feat Stee Downes – Want You In My Soul (Winding Road)
Hamo – Soul (Splendor Squalour)
Jaegerossa ft Bobbi – Move Your Body (C&P Music Factory Dub) (Favouritizm)
EWF – Running (BC’s Club Mix) (Transitori Music)
Mat.Joe – Light Up (Original Mix) (Off Recordings)
DJ Sneak – Deepest Trip (David Duriez Alternate Unreleased Dub) (Brique Rouge)
Youandewan – Fool Be Cool (Marquis Hawkes Remix) (Spiral Arms EP) (Aus Music)
Tones – Thinking About You (Food Music)
Seff – Like That (Hot Creations)
Walker & Royce feat. Steven Klavier – Follow (Original Mix) (Club Sweat)
Ozzi – Resistance (Criminal Hype)
Denney – Pimp Out (Hot Creations)
Benji Candelario pres. Killer Fillers Vol 3 – It’s Never Ever (Transiotri Music)
* Powerplay
GruuvElement’s – Power (Original Mix) (Groove On)
* Three for the Weekend: ZaZzy (Phonetica/Amber Muse)
Floating Points – Nectarines (Lazy Dayz)
Turbojazz – DAT Soul Parker (Madicine Remix)
Mr. Scruff – We Are Coming (Max Graef Remix)
* Guest Mix: Max Lomov (Amber Muse)
Christian Piers – The Kissing Of A God (Curle Recordings)
Odysea – Laura’s Bass (Pete’s Pike Remix) (Neovinyl Recordings)
Nachtbraker – Bluebottlefrits (Frits Wentink Remix) (Heist)
John Jastszebski – Would Be Back (Bass Culture)
Creative Swing Alliance – Weekend  (Faces Records)
Kerri Chandler – Bar A Thym (King Street)
Detroit Swindle – The Break Up (Max Graef Remix) (Heist)
Army Of Me – In My Eyes (Toy Tonics)
Appian – Operator (Monty Luke Remix) (Fina)
Nail – Bad Drainage (Airdrop Records)
End TX