Amber Muse Radio Show #114 with Taran & Lomov // 13 Dec 2018

Amber Muse Radio Show #114 tracklist:

Denis Shubin – Slowmo (Amber Muse)
Dave Aju – Telekuneko (Accidental Jnr.)
Caribou – Odessa (David Wrench’s Drumapella) (City Slang)
Lorenz Rhode – On Top (Strip Steve Remix) (Dirt Crew)
White Afghani – Rain and Bliss (Zenker Brothers Remix) (Noorden)
Epi Centrum – Abstract Concept Called Impact (Synewave Records)
S:vt – Can’t Stop (Dred)
Billy Turner – Thinsulate (Sous Music)
DLS – The World Is Detroit (Kenneth Scott Remix) (Semper Memor)
Kader Yani – Hayal (Semper Memor)
Orbe – Loving Brussels (Ellum Black)
Conforce – The Land of the Highway (Delsin Records)