Amber Muse Radio Show #003 with Bogdan Taran // 28 Sep 2016


Tee Mango – Music For Molly (Imperfections Vol.1)
Matin – 89 (Urban Soulz)
Boot Slap – Get Lost (Just Be Remix) (VIVa)
Taran & Lomov – AC/DC (Amber Muse)
ANOBIS22 – Hatchback (Immigrant Records)
Marshall Jefferson – Mushrooms (Wally Lopez Remix) (Freakin909)
Madrem – Find Out (Hypnologic)
Terrence Dixon pres. Population One – Multiple Choice (Pangaea Phase Dub) (Out22)
Bandmaster’s Flight – Samuel Alone (Elvi Point 5 Stereo Mix)
Mr G – You In Or You Out (Original Mix) (Phoenix G)
Moon – Informed (Frank Music)
Taran & Lomov – Blink (Copy Paste Soul Remix) (Amber Muse)
Fennec & Wolf – 7 Souls (Original Mix) (Four Miles To Amsterdam EP) (Incroyable Music)