Powerplay: DJ Koze – XTC (Pampa Records) // 19.08.2015

DJ Koze’s “XTC” begins in deep, tropical ecstasy spirit, and captures the all the blissful allusions of its name, but its initial gentility belies the deep intensity to come. Floating pads glow with celestial ambience as a kick drum is gradually coaxed into solid form, and the introduction of spoken text begins the second act. Many people are experimenting with the drug Ecstasy,’ it says, …is the drug like the lie and meditation the truth Or am I missing something that could really help me”. “XTC” then transforms: sweetly imploring tones become demanding, gentle gradients between chords turn hard-edged, and sharp hi-hats cut through the haze. Complete with Koze’s signature percussive quirks, it drives towards the track’s final pay off: an undeniable, all-consuming, irresistible high.