Dance Box: Summer Dance 2003 (CD1)

1. Oliver Cheatham “Get Down The Saturday Night”
2. Richard Earnshaw “Joyride” (Dub Mix)
3. Blakkat “The Rite Place” (Lil’ Devious Shake-O-Matic Mix)
4. Shakedown “Drowsy With Hope” (Shadow Company Remix)
5. Uppfade “Friday Loops” (Mucho Loops Mix)
6. Mambana “Libre” (Axwell Essence Dub)
7. John Ciafone “Everyday” (Gregory’s Remix)
8. UBP pres Michael Procter “Deliver Me” (Hardsoul Keep On Trying Dub)
9. M-Gee feat Mica Paris “BodySwerve” (Half Vocal)
10. Panyard “Can I Get Through” (Original Demo Mix)
11. Joey Musaphia feat Michelle Weeks “Heaven” (Richard Earnshaw Mix)
12. Jazz Transit “Steppin’ Out” (Audiowhores Jazzclub Remix)

Also used acapellas from: Club 69 feat Kim Kooper – Diva and 7 – Nikko Sun