Amber Muse Radio Show #163 with Taran & Lomov // 13 Dec 2019

Amber Muse Radio Show #163

Amber Muse Radio Show #163 tracklist:

Guava – Can’t Catch Me (Control Freak)
Maruwa – Cloudburst (Lobster Theremin)
Ghost Wire – Gathering Conditions (Maintain Replay)
Markus Suckut – Prism (Pt. 2) (Odd Even)
Taran & Lomov – JF Raw (Rennie Foster Remix) (Amber Muse)
DJs Pareja – Stereo DP (Schalen)
Mattias Fridell – Attract Inhibitor (A_Files)
Nikola Gala – Fluxx (Enemy Records)
Young Muscle – Vivid Dream of Death (Scuffed Recordings)
Functions – Downtown 161 (Tresor)
Qoso – Cock-A-Doodle-Do (The Trilogy Tapes)
Vatican Shadow – Inherit The Ruins (Hospital Productions)
Soulphiction – Thanks For Listening (Local Talk)